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Research by Harris recently showed that 45% of people claimed they are influenced by who they follow online, with almost a fifth saying they are more likely to buy products from companies they have “liked” on Facebook. Indeed Facebook itself demonstrated that the number of Facebook fans a candidate had in the US mid term elections was a good predictor of election night results.
Tweets have also been shown to correlate neatly to sales. Research by Hewlett Packard showed that tweet volume was a very good predicter of box office success in the film industry. Indiana University demonstrated that tweet sentiment on a given day could predict the direction of changes on the Dow Jones three days later with an accuracy of 86.7%.
Recent TNS data shows that 30% of peoples leisure time is now spent online. In volume terms it overtook email in 2009! 90% of mobile traffic is still however just voice….yet those who access social networks via mobile do so at twice the rate as their non mobile counterparts.
Who isn’t going to own a Smartphone or device in the next few years? Who isn’t going to put Facebook and Twitter at the centre of their marketing?


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twitter101Twitter is now using case studies to demonstrate the potential of the site to the corporate world. I thought the Jet Blue example was fascinating. When the airline started using Twitter they simply posted Press Releases and service announcements. Unsurprisingly they found that they didn’t receive many followers or messages. They changed their style and became more conversational, asking for help to develop their business and offering answers to specific customer problems. The service took off.

The significance of this goes beyond Twitter. It goes to the heart of how brands need to communicate with consumers today. If you talk at consumers they simply won’t engage. Understand what they want to talk about, facilitate and join a conversation and all of a sudden you enter into a new world. A world of delighted customers recommending your brand.

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monitter-logoThe news is that Apple may be thinking of buying Twitter. It’s a demonstration of just how far this site has come. Today, if your brand is going to have a crisis, it’s going to written about on Twitter first. It’s amazing therefore to discover just how few brands actively monitor their consumers Twitter conversations. If you don’t, take a look at monitter and prepare to be amazed. Then pick up the phone to a good PR agency (like my own). They will help you join the conversation!

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When every TV and radio celebrity is talking about their Twitter site and the Times produce a Top Twitter List, you know it’s gone mainstream. Here is an interesting summary of the ways marketers can use Twitter… produced by Fallon.


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