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In a world where most corporate leaders believe trust is pretty much bust, the question that maybe we should be asking is what is the power of good to business? The Good Relations Group recently launched the new Triple G rating to help answer this question. What was interesting about the research was the discussion it stirred. Do customers value brand philanthropy?

The Triple G rating is designed to look much deeper than simply …does this business do good. It measures perceptions of actions “would the people behind this brand behave how you would want them to, even if you weren’t in the room” and goes further to look at whether a brand engages with their audiences (is this brand on your side) as well as whether the brand has unlocked it’s most effective salespeople, it’s advocates.

We would agrue that top the top performing brands in the next decade will be triple G brands. Fundamentally they will do what’s right, engage in the right way with their stakeholders and activate their army of advocates better than their competitors. The launch of the rating had some pretty powerful advocates as shown by the video below.

Marketing week also published an article on the research which can be found here Marketing Week – Good Relations

More info can be found at http://www.goodrelations.co.uk


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