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ImageAccording to single source studies, 50-70% of advertising effect on propensity to purchase is generated after the first exposure. Each subsequent exposure has a rapidly diminishing return on investment. This is a really scary statistic for any marketer still developing 5-8 plus media plans. So what’s happening?

The answer seems to be that in today’s bite sized, twitter headline world, we’re looking for ‘news’. Once we’ve received it, we are becoming increasingly skilled at shutting out unnecessary repetition.

This insight has potentially a profound impact on how future marketing campaigns should be devised. If news rules and pushing the repeat button on advertising copy is no longer enough, marketers need to start thinking about how they can generate more. How can they build more newsworthiness into the DNA of their products and their communications plans. This will impact NPD processes (think Apple), brand narratives (think Yeo Valley) and brand activities (think Red Bull)

The move to a more news orienatated agenda will also have an impact on the way clients buy services from their agencies. Increasingly, as we do at Good Relations, clients will want Brand Newsrooms set up to support the generation of a constant flow of authentic stories and content, for online and traditional channel consumption.

A ‘Brand News’ strategy requires broad company alignment and support to run effectively. Authenticity is a key component in it’s success. It does however have the potential to enhance the return on investment on traditional marketing plans.


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Who cares if your customers say they will recommend your brand… if they never get round to doing so. Realising the potential of advocacy requires active advocates, but can you influence this? This was the question we set out to answer in our research project ‘Leading by recommendation’. We studied 120 brands in the UK and 4000 customers. We found significant differences in activation levels between brands in the same sectors. We also found striking similarities in the way these brands approached their marketing. We distilled these findings into a model, the 4C’s of advocacy activation. A model which can be applied to build advocacy, build activation and build the momentum of brands.
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googleGoogle have just launched another interesting application called SideWiki. It’s interesting because it allows any visitor to a website to make comment on that site. Comments will then show up to other visitors in a sidebar. The comments themselves will be ranked by the authority of the writer – comments from readers, previous entries.

This is going to provide an excellent platform for campaigning groups. If a corporate or brand is doing something that you think they shouldn’t, what better way of telling the world than next to their very own website. It could also spark a new industry – SideWiki campaigner. Build your authority up on SideWiki and sell your services to those who pay the highest price!

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Another fantastic presentation from Paul Marsden. This one focuses on the power of co-creation and gives a real insight into the number of brands and organisations now adopting this highly effective technique.

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I knew things were tough in the US …. but this tough? PR News has launched it’s very own advocacy campaign “it’s the PR” to save the industry. T Shirts, mugs, even bumper stickers can be purchased bearing those stirring words. I’m sure we can do better over here … any thoughts?

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Does social media drive sales? Most social marketing executives would say absolutely, but research in the US suggests that it may not drive as much as you may think.

Social media of course is only one way of sharing recommendations. But, as social media sources themselves become more accessible through mobile applications etc., its influence will grow.

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Beinggirl community

There was an interesting piece in Advertising Age last week about P&G’s Beinggirl community targeting teenage girls. P&G claim that the community, which very lightly promotes Tampax and Always, has been four times as effective at driving sales as advertising. Indeed the success of the community has driven P&G to roll the community out in 24 countries. It’s a clear signal of just how effective communities are at keeping customer advocacy alive.

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