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Another great presentation by Seth Godin, explaining why brands need to think again about how they recruit customers. Seth describes the need to move away from mass marketing push techniques, to strategies based on searching out unsatisfied tribes and championing their cause. Brilliant food for thought. Seth is a great champion of advocacy cause.


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monitter-logoThe news is that Apple may be thinking of buying Twitter. It’s a demonstration of just how far this site has come. Today, if your brand is going to have a crisis, it’s going to written about on Twitter first. It’s amazing therefore to discover just how few brands actively monitor their consumers Twitter conversations. If you don’t, take a look at monitter and prepare to be amazed. Then pick up the phone to a good PR agency (like my own). They will help you join the conversation!

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Any advocacy campaign starts with an rallying cry …. the cause that will ignite the passions and involvement of the target audience. PG Tips did it with “Do your bit”, Dove did it with “campaign for real beauty”, Bisto did it with “aarghh night”. So, have Absolute done it with their new campaign, in an absolute world acts of kindness would act as currency? Last week a number of random acts of kindness were staged in London to seed the campaign.

Not really I hear many of you cry…where’s the role for the product? In defence of the campaign, alcohol is clearly a social product and this plays to this. This campaign also reminds us that in these dark times, little things can make us warm and happy. I guess ultimately, success will come down to whether  “random acts of kindness” takes off virally amongst vodka drinkers on a Friday night! I have to say I’m not convinced..but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a few free drinks over the coming weeks!

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My company supported the Woman of the Year  lecture given by Baroness Greenfield this week. It was a fascinating presentation looking at how childrens’ brains may be changing as a result of the hours spent playing video games.

The opening introduction was especially interesting to those corporate storytellers amongst us. The Baroness shows via brain scans how simply thinking about an activity (in this case playing the Piano) has as positive an impact on the brain as actually doing it.

This of course is why corporate and brand storytelling works. It gets people to mentally simulate the situation you are describing, making messages stick. Pretty valuable stuff in this cluttered world of ours!

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What is Brand Advocacy? I read a case study this weekend in Contagious Magazine that provides an answer.
Method , launched in 1999 in the US, makes cleaning products. It’s aim is to take cleaning products from under the sink and put them on the counter top…. making cleaning fun, trendy and importantly “non-toxic”. In summary, to start a fight against all forms of “dirty”.
At launch Method commissioned a designer called Karim Rashid to help shape their offering. The result was a range of highly designed, gentle and nice smelling products that surprised and delighted and complimented any home. This started to create an army of fans for the brand – stage one of any Brand Advocacy approach.

Stage two was activating these advocates. Marketing started with the new  5th P of Marketing the Parent or Corporate brand. The founders of the company “the first people against dirty” asked potential recruits to complete homework assignments answering “what are you going to do to ensure Method continues to receive 1000’s of fan letters”. This practice still continues today. Next, Method built up a community of fan’s (over 5,000 now) who actively help them design products and spread the word through Blogs and “love letters”. Every call the company gets to the customer service team results in that person receiving samples and literature for them and their friends. Initially these callers received free T-Shirts and caps as well.
Today, Method run regular “Detox” (your home) parties with customers, organised through paid regional co-ordinators and have programmes with key influencers groups such as Parent Teacher Associations and even Fashion Journalists – there’s a first for cleaning products!
Put simply, Method have seen their network of advocates (customers, journalists, staff, experts) as far more important than paid for media. They have done everything possible to mobilise these … to help them spread the word. The result has been tremendous growth for the business and a demonstration of the power of brand advocacy.

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