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If you don’t represent me and what I care about, then get lost! In the world where executive power has moved out of the boardroom and onto the street, where there are a 1000 choices in life when one will do, where the values and behaviours of a brand have become as important as their benefits -brands have a simple choice. Become an extension of their consumers lives – thinking and acting as they would, or die.

Research conducted by BritainThinks this month should therefore be especially interesting to brand marketeers. They asked consumers to think about which brands best represented them and their lives today. The top three answers – Apple, Sony and M&S.

The research is interesting, but the insight behind it is key. In marketing today, in my opinion, three questions rule.

1. Do I represent my  consumers – fight their cause?

2. Do I behave as they would wish?

3. Do they recommend my brand?

The research can be accessed by clicking on the link below:-

TimeCapsule Research – Most Defining Brands 2011


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